Unique ideas for a holiday in Indonesia

Photo by CC user Gunkarta on Wikimedia Commons

Simply mentioning Indonesia makes most people think of an exotic holiday when they consider the possibilities that await them there.

If you are looking for some unique ideas for a holiday in Indonesia, we have a few suggestions below that will get you off the fence and busy with planning the trip of a lifetime.

1) Tour tea plantations and strawberry farms in Bandung

Photo by CC user CECEP ADI SETIAWAN, SP on Youtube

While the heat of the tropical lowlands can be uncomfortable when traveling in Indonesia, the good news is is that there are highlands a short distance away no matter where you go in this country, thanks to its extensive history of volcanic activity.

This is true even in the case of Jakarta, as a short two hour train ride from the center of this bustling metropolis will take you to the relaxing countryside that can be found in Bandung.

While there are plenty of attractions that can be found within the limits of the city, the true joys of this place can be found on its outskirts, as there are many tea plantations and strawberry farms that thrive in the subtropical highland chill that defines the climate in this part of Java.

Tours will reveal how these crops are harvested and processed, and at the end, you can be certain that you will be able to sample a hot cup of tea with a side of strawberry shortcake.

While you are in the Bandung area, there is no better place to stay than the Crowne Plaza Bandung. This internationally renowned chain will assure you of a level of quality that will keep you comfortable during your stay in this popular part of Indonesia.

If you are looking for something that is a little less pricey and more local, then surfing sites like traveloka.com will enable you to find a hotel or resort that is more to your liking.

2) Stuff yourself silly with food and go surfing in Padang

Speaking of surfing, there’s no better place in Indonesia to catch a wave these days than near the Sumatran city of Padang.

The beach resorts up and down the coast lacks the annoying tourist scene that can be found in Bali, while the restaurants found within Padang offer the buffets that has made this city famous throughout Indonesia.

With infinite amounts of curries, meats and vegetables to top your rice, you may never want to leave.

3) Stare a wild Komodo Dragon in the face in the islands of Flores

Photo by CC user 5of7 on Flickr

One of the most formidable predators still found in the wild today, the Komodo dragon elicits fear and wonder in the minds of tourists that have never seen it before.

When you visit the islands of Flores, you will have the chance to visit a national park where these creatures can be viewed in a safe environment.

With the guidance of trained park rangers, you’ll be able to see these incredible lizards from a safe distance, and when you aren’t busy hunting these guys down, there is plenty of excellent snorkeling that can be had off the shores of these islands.

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