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4 Golf Holiday Destinations To Try in 2016

If you love playing golf, your typical holiday itinerary would most probably include a visit to one of the top-rated golf courses in your destination. If you do not know where to travel soon, keep on reading and we will provide you with a rundown of four of the best places that can be considered […]

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Things I Didn’t Know About The Canary Islands

Okay, so I have to be completely honest with all of you…I didn’t know there was an island called Tenerife. I knew about the Canary Islands much like I knew about the Azores Islands. I knew them as a cluster but not individually by name. I also didn’t know the island named Lanzarote…it sounds very […]

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5 Fun Festivals In Europe

There are several festivals that happen around the year all across Europe. Some are dedicated music festivals while others are classified as seasonal festivals such as the ones in spring, summer and winter. Many people look for another classification, the fun festivals in Europe. So here are the top 5 fun festivals in Europe. Oktoberfest, […]

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