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Lovely Long Haul Locations for 2016

So you have managed to save up your money and get the time off of work and this is the year that you are going to take a long vacation. Relieve your mind of the day to day stress of home, work, and all of your responsibilities and board your airplane to one of these […]

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Coastal getaways in Japan that will take your breath away

As much as the highly sophisticated cities in Japan serve to attract visitors from all over the world here, the hectic nature of urban life means that you’ll likely seek out relief in the countryside at some point. Being a marine nation, there are many coastal getaways in Japan that will achieve this goal handily. […]

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Experience The Onsen: Hot Spring Hopping In Japan

Owing its entire existence to the plate tectonic-fuelled Ring of Fire, Japan may have more than its fair share of experience with earthquakes, but all this activity beneath the earth has positive consequences as well. The magma flowing beneath the water table throughout this island nation have created countless places where steaming springs surface, granting […]

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