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Secret Philippine islands in the Visayas

The mid-portions of the Philippine archipelago are home to the nation’s most dreamy isles. Which secret Philippine islands should you seek out during your time in the Visayas? In this article, we spill our guts on what you should see… Siquijor Surrounded by white sand beaches and coral reefs full of aquatic life, having a […]

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Walking the gringo trail: top destinations in Southern Mexico

Flying into Mexico City this year with the intention of following the Gringo Trail, which starts in this amazing Latin American nation? As you roll southward out of the District Federal, there are many places that will vie for your attention; in our opinion, the following spots are the top destinations in Southern Mexico, and […]

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More than just pyramids: Top things to do in Egypt

For years, Egypt has been equated with pyramids in the imaginations of people in the west. This is a shame, as this complex nation at the intersection of North Africa and the Middle East has plenty more tricks up its sleeves for those willing to dig just a little bit deeper. The following three destinations […]

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Three Killer Places To Live As An Expat In Thailand

While quick holidays to sunshine destinations are a time-honored tradition throughout much of the temperate parts of the world come winter time, the dawn of employment mobility, the arrival of the boomer retirement cycle, and a growing preference for slow travel has made long term stays of a month or more increasingly popular. When staying […]

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Touring The Best Of The American Pacific Coast

  As the calendar moves into the middle of May (already?), if you haven’t started to think about your summer vacation plans, you need to start brainstorming soon. If your mind is locked in a state of paralysis due to a mixture of procrastination and panic, perhaps you would be more receptive to some suggestions […]

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A Sicilian Summer Adventure

As a lover of Italy’s natural surroundings, food, architecture, as well as their general attitude towards life, you have been to this eternally rewarding country many times.  You’ve admiring the grandeur of the Dolomites, let the perfection of the Trevi Fountains penetrate the core of your being, eaten your way through places like Tuscany and […]

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Beautiful Beach Holiday Destinations in Africa

  When someone mentions taking a trip to Africa, what kinds of images comes to mind?  The word Africa usually inspires images of a great grassy plain, a huge giraffe, and an elephant or two lumbering its way across this vast open area, sounds good doesn’t it? However, did you know that Africa is known […]

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