Secret Philippine islands in the Visayas

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The mid-portions of the Philippine archipelago are home to the nation’s most dreamy isles. Which secret Philippine islands should you seek out during your time in the Visayas? In this article, we spill our guts on what you should see…


Surrounded by white sand beaches and coral reefs full of aquatic life, having a mountainous and jungle-filled interior, Siquijor is an island that will burn itself into your memory banks, thereby making your time here impossible to forget.

While the diving and lounging on the beaches are activities that you’ll obviously want to partake in, be sure to consider going spelunking with a guide at Cantabon Cave, or swim with the locals at an inland spring at Capilay Spring Park.


Like eating tropical fruit straight off the tree while you bliss out on the beach? If this is how you envision your holiday going, then planning to spend significant time on Guimaras will grant you a lot of satisfaction with the time you spend overseas.

Guimaras is best known by Filipinos as being home to some of the best tasting mangoes in the country, so you can be assured of some truly excellent breakfast spreads during your stay on this delightful island.

This isle is also a favored spot for sea turtles to lay their eggs, making it a good place for eco-minded travelers to volunteer their services to local conservation organizations. Finally, be sure to watch the sun set from the Guise Lighthouse, as it is a popular place with domestic Filipino tourists at this time of day.


Want to mix some culture hunting with time spent on the beach of an island off the beaten track? You can kill these two birds with one stone by including Olotayan Island in your itinerary.

Expect to be showered with questions and attention by curious locals, as foreigners typically don’t find their way here.

With only four hours of electricity per night, you’ll get to see what the night sky looks like without the interference of the electric light that humankind pollutes the sky with in most other sections of the world.


Sitting on the border of the Visayas and the massive southern island of Mindanao, Camiguin is a gem that those touring Bohol need to discover before making their way back north.

Defined by powdery white sand, interior volcanoes, and numerous waterfalls and hot springs, the biggest question on your mind during your visit will be why more people aren’t aware of this hidden gem.

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