Offbeat attractions to discover in New York City

Looking for some Offbeat attractions to discover in New York City? Start by looking for them at Coney Island.

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Given the size and cultural importance of NYC, the number of tourist attractions which can be found within its bounds is hardly surprising.

However, if the thought of spending your trip ticking off vanilla points of interest bores you to tears, know that there are plenty of offbeat attractions which will appeal to your curious side.

Below, we list a few of the places that will shock and surprise you after encountering them.

1) The Whispering Gallery

Have a secret you need to share? There’s a place where you can get it off your chest without having to compromise your recipient – the infamous Whispering Gallery.

Located within the eternally busy Grand Central Terminal, there is a small overhang just outside the entrance to its Oyster Bar where you can whisper anything in one corner, and it will be heard perfectly by your accomplice on the other end.

This is made possible due to the acoustic effects of the tiles above your head – just don’t divulge anything compromising about yourself at this attraction, as you don’t know who might pick up on your words.

2) The Flatiron Building

When you fly business class to New York, buildings and landmarks such as One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty stand out on approach to JFK.

However, you will find there are many other amazing buildings in the Five Boroughs once you have a chance to do a little exploring.

The Flatiron Building is one of the Big Apple’s most fascinating (if underrated) structures, as its tight and narrow floor plan had people convinced that it would get blown over in some future windstorm when it was erected in 1902.

Although it has stood tall since then, the shape of this building has created local wind effects which became notorious for lifting women’s dresses.

A problem developed where local men would gather to witness this spectacle. This forced the police to shoo them away, giving rise to the New Yorker phrase “23 Skidoo!” (the 23 being a reference to the Flatiron’s address on 23rd Street).

3) Coney Island Circus Sideshow

These days, circuses have been largely cast aside as relics of a bygone era. Due to their association with animal exploitation, many people have stopped going to these shows; however, some have staved off extinction by emphasizing parts of their business which star human performers.

At Coney Island, there is a circus sideshow that continues to operate by showcasing some of the most amazing, curious, and bizarre buskers in the world.

From standard fare which includes sword swallowers and flame eaters to the grotesque art of bearing weights from piercings on one’s body, there are plenty of captivating and gasp-inducing sights which will make your trip to this odd NYC attraction well worth your time.

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