Lovely Long Haul Locations for 2016


So you have managed to save up your money and get the time off of work and this is the year that you are going to take a long vacation. Relieve your mind of the day to day stress of home, work, and all of your responsibilities and board your airplane to one of these fabulous destinations!

Japan is a traveller’s delight because the train system is extensive and a delight to get around. Pick up a train pass for a discount before you get there and explore this exciting country by rail. Fly into Tokyo and visit this bustling metropolitan city with temples, modern architecture, crazy traffic patterns, fantastic shopping and food. You can also leave the busy cities and experience some of the great scenic coasts that Japan has to offer. Take the subway to anywhere in the city easily. Be sure to see the Tokyo Imperial Palace before you leave. Hiking is really big here so make sure you get a chance to visit the beautiful peak of Mt. Fuji. Then board the JK Rail system and head south. Stop in Kyoto to visit the many beautiful temples there. Head south to visit Hiroshima to check out this city that has recovered from the devastation of World War II.  Visiting the Peace Park is a truly awe-inspiring experience. From here you can head south further down the coast of Japan or head up north to the Island of Hokkaido and pass through one of the longest train tunnels in the world. Stop in Sapporo and see this fabulous city known for its beer, festivals and its nearby ski hills. You will be spoilt for choice on your holiday to Japan, make sure you try the famous traditional Japanese dishes like sushi, ramen, and Okonomiyaki (a cabbage and meat pancake).

Australia is an amazing place for long haul travellers to experience. Visit Sidney and the famous Sydney Opera house and make sure to spend at least a day at the world famous Bondi Beach. Make sure you visit Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, which is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Snorkel or dive here and you will be awe inspired by the creatures that you see. If you get tired of the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters head into the centre of the country to experience the ecosystem of the Outback and visit Ayers Rock. Keep your eyes peeled and you may see the fantastic creatures that live there like Kangaroos, snakes, huge spiders and lizards. Consider joining a tour or rent a campervan and tour this exciting country on your own.

Barbados is in the West Indies and is a wonderful destination for travellers wishing to escape from reality for a while. You can lie on the beautiful and pristine beaches such as Turtle Beach or Crystal Cove. Charter a boat and sail along the coast for days stopping to snorkel or dive at your leisure. Be sure to go for a walk along the South Coast Boardwalk that runs along the ocean and offers plenty of restaurants to stop at along your way. Stay at a golf resort and playing golf on a world-class course or just spend the day lazing by the pool sipping pretty coloured drinks.

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