Best Fall Hikes In Switzerland


As the weather begins to get decidedly cooler, the appeal of trekking goes up, as physical exertion doesn’t result in copious amounts of sweat, but the just the right amount of warmth desired to keep you nice and toasty while exploring some of the best mountain scenery in the world.

Of all the nations in the world, Switzerland provides some of the most dramatic mountain scenery, all contained within its tiny confines. Just the same, it can be difficult to pick a path to venture down when everything looks amazing from where you stand.

To aid with this conundrum, we have gone ahead and found a selection of some of best fall hikes in Switzerland that you can do on your getaway this Autumn. So bust out of your analysis paralysis, get out there and explore!

1) Bettmerhorn

While many many be contented with merely taking the cable car up to the Aletsch Glacier, you will undoubtedly will be looking to experience more, being the active individual that you are. This three hour trek will take you over high alpine terrain that contains unbelievable views of the Aletsch Glacier and the Rhone Valley.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to view the former feature, as the trails runs parallel to it for the first three and a half kilometres, while the latter sections of this path will grant you many views of alpine lakes and the green-draped Rhone Valley beneath you.

2) Engstligenalp

Those that fancy themselves waterfall fans will be over the moon during their traverse of the Engstigenalp trail, as it strides through meadows with an initial views of the Engstligen Falls in the distance on this classic hike. The trek climbs to this impressive chute along its course, but be sure to take time to be suitably impressed by the abundant floral life and the views behind you of the village of Adelboden as you climb.

3) Bachsee

The above two treks can be a bit taxing for those that have little to no experience when it comes to going on walks through the mountains. If this describes you, then Bachsee is a perfect introduction to the world of alpine hiking, as this is an easy stroll through colorful fields toward a picture perfect alpine lake.

After a long alpine summer, the ice that normally hangs onto the lake through even the warmest months will likely have finally melted off, leaving the body of water fully visible to those that seek to bask in its brilliance.

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