Adventurous places to travel in 2018

Getting tired of the same old all-inclusive holiday? There’s nothing that will shake up your life quite like travelling to a lesser-developed part of the world. In this post, we’ll share some adventurous places to travel in 2018 that will reinvigorate your spirit.


Many people head to Mexico on their holidays, but the experience in many of its destinations is getting a bit too predictable for some. If you count yourself among these folks, why not head across the border to Guatemala instead?

The thick jungles of the north are home to Tikal, which is arguably the most significant of the ancient Mayan cities, while you’ll find a spectacular caldera lake (Lake Atitlan) in the south. Fans of colonial architecture will swoon at what they find in the city of Antigua, and backpackers will find a hedonistic paradise in the crystal clear springs of Semuc Champey.

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Nicaragua is another exciting place adventurous travellers have been flocking to in recent years. Much cheaper than neighbouring Costa Rica, visitors can surf, do jungle treks, and experience a culture different from what they know back home during their travels in this country.

Start in Managua, where you’ll have access to all the supplies you’ll need for your trip. From here, shuttles can easily transport you to Leon and Granada, smaller cities with amazing churches and other colonial architecture, and to San Juan del Sur, where an epic surf and party scene await.

Want to experience the Caribbean the way it was before mass tourism hit? Take a bus, speedboat, and cargo ship to the Corn Islands. The journey will make you earn the paradisaical white sand beaches and colourful reefs you will find here.


There are many outstanding choices when it comes to having an adventurous vacation in South America, but Ecuador is our favourite for several reasons. To start, Quito pairs a city that mixes colonial with Andean influences, with cool highland weather completing the cocktail.

Adrenaline enthusiasts will love Banos, a jungle-cloaked destination rife with activities that include swing sets over the abyss, mountain biking trails, and tempting hot springs.

Finally, those with a bit of extra money can spring for an expedition to the Galapagos Islands. Home to unique species found nowhere else on Earth, and some of the most stunning snorkelling in the world, it is an unforgettable experience that will be worth every penny you spend.


While Bali might not fit the profile of an adventure travel destination in the minds of some, just about every other island in the Indonesian archipelago does. A rising power in Asia, Indonesia is still outgrowing its current status as a developing country, which means the simple act of travelling within its borders will prove to be an adventure in itself.

The pains of getting places here will prove to be worth it, though, as the culture found in the cities of Java (Yogyakarta in particular), the volcanoes and the jungles of Sumatra, and the deserted tropical islands of Flores will create travel memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

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