You’re the kind of person who likes variety.  The thought of taking the same old trip to the all-inclusive beach resort every winter makes you cringe.  So predictable and vanilla!

Tried and true doesn’t apply to you.  You like breaking new trails and discovering new frontiers (in your peer group, at least.) It’s not that you have anything against beach vacations … it’s just that you’d prefer NOT to share the place with the maddening crowd, thank you very much.

If you are cut from a different cloth, and like travel experiences that reflect your reality, then this site, Special Holiday Guide, is the travel blog for you!

Play golf?  We’ve scoured the Emerald Isle for classic courses for you to play and explore.  Like a little culture to add meaning and entertainment to your wandering experiences?  Check out every the theatre scene has to offer to in New York City, or release some lanterns into the pitch black sky in amazing Thailand!  Looking to learn how to catch a wave off the perfect break?  We’ve outlined the best places in the world where to learn how to surf!

Special Holiday Guide is the website for people who want to not JUST lay around on vacation, but do interesting and amazing things.  You demand the best, and the most unique experiences to stimulate your curiosity and wanderlust.  This site endeavours to deliver that, with articles being published on everything from adventure sport experiences, to cultural encounters.

Oh, and regarding beach vacations?  Looking for a place to amaze your friends, and replenish your soul at the same time?  There’s an entire continent called Africa that people tend to forget about, so check out our article on beautiful beach holiday destinations in Africa, right here.  You’re welcome ;)

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Have a great time on vacation, and keep making those holidays special!